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Excursions à la Grand Canarie: Chameau safari

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We did the hour safari...which took from 8:30 a.m. till 3:00 p.m....far more than the half day advertised. We were transported on a LARGE bus...which having made the same trip the previous day in a Jeep...I was surprised I felt safer in the Jeep. A huge bus is NOT made for the road taken to get to the safari. I live camels and have ridden for a shorter period in both Turkey and Dubai. I far prefer the traditional saddle...I also disliked how the camels had to wear masks... the camel behind us took a liking to me...and banged the mask into the back of my head and shoulder the entire husband was able to hold the camel back some...but this left his arm in an awkward position for most of the ride. I think this excursion was okay...but had I known I was going to the same place and could have had this experience on the Jeep tour I would have opted for that. Like all your excursions, this was reasonably priced.

La visite a été faite par 09-06-2018

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